Thursday, October 6, 2016

Archival newspaper labors: 1893, The Rivals & 1914 film discovery

LA Herald Sept 9, 1893. Lionel was 15.
So while asking for online help for a 1914 newly re-unearthed LB film, I was told about the California newspaper online archive, and a quick search gave me THIS above: a Los Angeles Herald review of Mrs. John Drew's staging of The Rivals in September of 1893--the very one Mr B speaks of being miserable performing in at age 15 as "Mrs. Drew's grandson" and after which the role of Thomas was cut from the play and he was kindly fired by his grandmother, to stay on with the troupe "making drinks" for his uncle Sidney Drew. Note the presence of Lionel's future father in law, McKee Rankin, and sister in law, Phyllis Rankin.

I'm probably beyond obsessed, but it is SO awesome to find validation and in some cases even information that had been lost. For example, the film I was seeking information on is not in Mr B's official AFI (crappy AFI, I should say) filmography, nor in Wiki (I can fix that), BUT it was in IMDb: The Bartered Crown, released January 10, 1914, starring LB and Betty Gray in a melodrama. I only found it because I was surfing for 1914 information and it popped up in a trade magazine, then I found the Biograph ad:

I love my avocation. I love my job, too, and I love I have a nice cozy place to curl up when I need to nod off after hours at work because I stayed put researching and making notes.

Say goodnight, Lionel:
Edit of Romance of Elaine ad

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