Articles, images, etc from non-English language sources

On this page will be some of the many discoveries of ads, articles from non-English language sources. I'm putting pics here only if they have non-English text in them.  I am pretty good with French and Spanish for translations, iffy with Portuguese, and pretty bad with German, but I will do what I can to summarize the pic! Muchisimas Gracias to Jorge Finkielman of Silent Films Today for his finds and help!
Profile of LB from Cinearte, NO 145, 1928 (Brazil): The title reads "Lionel Barrymore is not in films for the money"
Second page of Cinearte profile

Ad for Dorian's Divorce, CORREIO DA MANHA, Tuesday, November 1, 1921, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This one is pretty obvious...French ad for the film
French right reads in part "Mystical orgy". The title has "Imperatrice" pasted over with "his Court" (sa Cour)

O PAIZ, Sunday, October 15, 1922, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ad for Boomerang Bill
3 French film mags: The Face in the Fog, Unseeing Eyes, and Women Love Diamonds--all 1920s films
German program for The 13th Hour, 1927 (that's Flash the Wonder Dog on the left). "Null Uhr" is null (nothing, zero) hour
Pics from The Barrier 1926, A SCENA MUDA no 289, Brazil. "The stain of a crime" is headline on left

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