Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Blythe/Barrymore bone structure!

It's been a hectic October for this intrepid blogger,  not least due to some vision problems!  So to treat myself,  I threw together a triptych of the Barrymore boys. I'm intrigued by the fact I can't see a real resemblance between Lionel and John unless they're both smiling,  but I can see some of Maurice in both:

Now,  you can see some of dad in all three, if you look closely:

 But observe mom Georgiana, as well:

Lionel's eyes are obviously blue, whereas his siblings' are dark. His eyes are also slightly cat-like, where Ethel's seem wide and John's a little dreamy or suspicious. All three inherited Maurice's dimples, and in smiling the brothers look very similar indeed.  In the quite famous family photos of 1932, each sibling is caught smiling and the smiles are quite similar and beguiling. I'll have to dig those out, but in the meantime,  check these out,  smiles and all:

The Mysterious Island 

C. 1924

C. 1932

I think they look quite similar here.  Same look and small smile, same couture!
That's it for now,  although I've posted on FB a lovely side by side comparison of the brothers grinning rather wickedly,  looking very alike in two separate films.

Well,  darnit, someone had to do it!  :)

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