The [presumed] films of Lionel Barrymore, edited by me

AFI list: (alphabetical, does not include shorts)

Guilty Hands  (1931) * possibly just retakes
His Glorious Night  (1929)
Life's Whirlpool  (1917)
Madame X  (1929)
The Rogue Song  (1930)
Ten Cents a Dance  (1931)
The Unholy Night  (1929)
His Secret (1913)
Where's the Baby? (1913)
No Place for Father (1913)
Just Boys (1914)
Chocolate Dynamite (1914)


The Vengeance of Galora
The Tenderhearted Boy 
The Burglar's Dilemma
The Criminal's Thumb (co-writer, with Wright Huntington)

The Battle, 1911

As Actor (notes are mine where they are needed):

Ah, Wilderness  (1935)
Alias Jimmy Valentine  (1929)
America  (1924)
Arsène Lupin  (1932)
The Bad Man  (1941)
Bannerline  (1951)
The Barrier  (1926)
The Bells  (1926)
Between Two Women  (1945)
Body and Soul  (1927)
Boomerang Bill  (1922)
The Brand of Cowardice  (1916)
Broken Lullaby  (1932)
Brooding Eyes  (1926)
Calling Dr. Gillespie  (1942)
Calling Dr. Kildare  (1939)
Camille  (1937)
Captains Courageous  (1937)
Carolina  (1934)
Children of the Whirlwind  (1925)
Christopher Bean  (1933)
La ciudad de cartón  (1934) English title is Cardboard City (in  makeup for Carolina)
Classmates  (1914)
The Copperhead  (1920)
The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde  (1915)
Dark Delusion  (1947)
David Copperfield  (1935)
The Devil-Doll  (1936)
The Devil's Garden  (1920)
Dinner at Eight  (1934)
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case  (1943)
Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant  (1942)
Dr. Kildare Goes Home  (1940)
Dr. Kildare's Crisis  (1940)
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case  (1940)
Dr. Kildare's Victory  (1942)
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day  (1941)
Dora Thorne  (1915)
Dorian's Divorce  (1916)
Down to the Sea in Ships  (1949)
Dragon Seed  (1944)
Drums of Love  (1928)
Duel in the Sun  (1947)
The End of the Tour  (1917)
The Enemies of Women  (1923)
Estrellados  (1930) (Spanish language version of Free and Easy)
The Eternal City  (1924)
The Face in the Fog  (1922)
A Family Affair  (1937)
Fifty-Fifty  (1925)
The Flaming Sword  (1915)
Free and Easy  (1930)
A Free Soul  (1931)
The Girl from Missouri  (1934)
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work  (1925)
The Gorgeous Hussy  (1936)
Grand Hotel  (1932)
The Great Adventure  (1921)
Guilty Hands  (1931)
A Guy Named Joe  (1944)
His Father's Son  (1917)
The Hollywood Revue of 1929  (1929)
I Am the Man  (1924)
It's a Wonderful Life  (1947)
Jim the Penman  (1921)
Key Largo  (1948)
Lady Be Good  (1941)
Let Freedom Ring  (1939)
The Lion and the Mouse  (1928)
The Little Colonel  (1935)
Lone Star  (1952)
Looking Forward  (1933)
The Lucky Lady  (1926)
Main Street to Broadway  (1953)
Malaya  (1950)
A Man of Iron  (1925)
Mark of the Vampire  (1935)
The Master Mind  (1920)
Mata Hari  (1931)
Meddling Women  (1924)
The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story  (1951) (as Mr. Lionel Barrymore)
The Millionaire's Double  (1917)
A Modern Magdalen  (1915)
The Mysterious Island  (1929)
National Red Cross Pageant  (1917)
Navy Blue and Gold  (1937)
Night Flight  (1933)
On Borrowed Time  (1939)
One Man's Journey  (1933)
Paris at Midnight  (1926)
The Penalty  (1941)
The People vs. Dr. Kildare  (1941)
The Power of the Press  (1914)
Public Hero No. 1  (1935)
The Quitter  (1916)
Rasputin and the Empress  (1933)
The Return of Peter Grimm  (1935)
Right Cross  (1950)
The River Woman  (1928)
Road House  (1928)
The Road to Glory  (1936)
Sadie Thompson  (1928)
Saratoga  (1937)
The Seats of the Mighty  (1914)
The Secret Heart  (1946)
The Secret of Dr. Kildare  (1939)
Should Ladies Behave  (1933)
The Show  (1927)
Since You Went Away  (1944)
Some of the Best: 25 Years of Motion Picture Leadership  (1949)
The Span of Life  (1914)
The Splendid Road  (1925)
The Stranger's Return  (1933)
Sweepings  (1933)
The Temptress  (1926)
Tennessee Johnson  (1942)
Test Pilot  (1938)
That's Entertainment, Part 2  (1976)
The Thirteenth Hour  (1927)
This Side of Heaven  (1934)
Thousands Cheer  (1944)
Three Men in White  (1944)
Three Wise Fools  (1946)
Treasure Island  (1934)
Under the Gaslight  (1914)
Unseeing Eyes  (1923)
The Upheaval  (1916)
The Valley of Decision  (1945)
The Voice of Bugle Ann  (1936)
The Washington Masquerade  (1932)
West of Zanzibar  (1928)
Wife Tamers  (1926)
Wildfire  (1915) (credited as Mr. Lionel Barrymore)
The Woman in Black  (1914)
Women Love Diamonds  (1927)
The Wrongdoers  (1925)
A Yank at Oxford  (1938)
A Yellow Streak  (1915)
The Yellow Ticket  (1931)
You Can't Take It with You  (1938)
Young Dr. Kildare  (1938)

Internet Movie Database filmography: (which is filled with stuff before 1911 that is nonsense, given LB was either not in the country or on the road with his wife and her family. I left those out).

Main Street to Broadway
Lionel Barrymore
 1951 Bannerline
Hugo Trimble
 1950 Right Cross
Sean O'Malley
 1949 Malaya
John Manchester
 1946 Duel in the Sun
Sen. Jackson McCanles
 1946 The Secret Heart
Dr. Rossiger
 1944 Dragon Seed
Narrator (voice, uncredited)
 1944 Since You Went Away
 1941 The Penalty
'Grandpop' Logan
 1940 The Stars Look Down
Narrator (U.S. release only) (voice, uncredited)
 1939 Let Freedom Ring
Thomas Logan
 1938 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 12 (Documentary short)
Lionel Barrymore
 1938 Test Pilot
Howard B. Drake
 1938 A Yank at Oxford
Dan Sheridan
 1937 Navy Blue and Gold
Captain 'Skinny' Dawes
 1937 Saratoga
Grandpa Clayton
 1936 The Road to Glory
Papa La Roche / Pvt. Morin
 1935 Public Hero Number 1
Doctor Josiah Glass
 1935 Mark of the Vampire
Professor Zelin
 1935 The Little Colonel
Colonel Lloyd
 1934 The Girl from Missouri
Thomas. Randall Paige
 1934 This Side of Heaven
Martin Turner
 1933 Christopher Bean
Dr. Milton Haggett
 1933 Night Flight
Insp. Robineau
 1933 The Stranger's Return
Grandpa Storr
 1932 The Washington Masquerade
Jeff Keane
 1931 Mata Hari
General Serge Shubin
 1931 The Christmas Party (Short)
Lionel Barrymore (uncredited)
 1931 The Yellow Ticket
Baron Igor Andreeff
 1928 The River Woman
Bill Lefty
 1928 Road House
Henry Grayson
 1928 The Lion and the Mouse
John Ryder
 1928 Drums of Love
Duke Cathos de Alvia
 1927 The Thirteenth Hour
Prof. Leroy
 1927 Body and Soul
Dr. Leyden
 1927 Women Love Diamonds
Hugo Harlan
 1927 The Show
The Greek
 1926 The Temptress
 1926 The Lucky Lady
Count Ferranzo
 1926 Wife Tamers (Short)
Mr. Barry
 1926 The Barrier
Stark Bennett
 1925 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)
 1925 The Woman Who Did
Allan Merrick
 1925 The Splendid Road
Dan Clehollis
 1925 Fifty-Fifty
Frederick Harmon
 1925 The Wrongdoers
Daniel Abbott
 1925 Children of the Whirlwind
Joe Ellison
 1925 The Girl Who Wouldn't Work
Gordon Kent
 1925 A Man of Iron
Philip Durban
 1924 Wedding Women
 1924 I Am the Man
James McQuade
 1924 Meddling Women
Edwin Ainsworth / John Wells
 1924 Decameron Nights
 1924 America
Capt. Walter Butler
 1923 The Eternal City
Baron Bonelli
 1923 Unseeing Eyes
Conrad Dean
 1923 Enemies of Women
Prince Lubimoff
 1922 The Face in the Fog
Boston Blackie Dawson
 1922 Boomerang Bill
Boomerang Bill
 1921 Jim the Penman
James Ralston
 1920 The Devil's Garden
William Dale
 1917 National Red Cross Pageant
Undetermined role and episode
 1917 The Millionaire's Double
Bide Bennington
 1917 His Father's Son
J. Dabney Barron
 1917 The End of the Tour
Byron Bennett
 1916 The Brand of Cowardice
Cyril Hamilton
 1916 The Upheaval
Jim Gordon
 1916/I The Quitter (Short)
Happy Jack Lewis
 1916 Dorian's Divorce
Richard Dorian
 1915 A Yellow Streak
Barry Dale
 1915 Dora Thorne (Short)
Lord Earle
 1915 The Flaming Sword
 1915 The Romance of Elaine
Marcus Del Mar / Mr. X
 1915 The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde
Judge Randolph Legarde
 1915 A Modern Magdalen
 1915 Wildfire
John Keefe
 1914 The Exploits of Elaine
 1914 The Seats of the Mighty
Monsieur Doltaire
 1914 The Span of Life
Richard Blunt
 1914 Under the Gaslight
William Byke
 1914/I The Woman in Black (Short)
Robert Crane
 1914 The Power of the Press (Short)
Steve Carson
 1914 Men and Women (Short)
Stephen Rodman / Robert Stevens
 1914 The Cracksman's Gratitude (Short) Husband (MPMag 1915)
 1914 Woman Against Woman (Short)
Gilbert Craven
 1914 The Primitive Man (Short)
 1914 Strongheart (Short)
Billy Saunders
 1914 Judith of Bethulia
 1914 Classmates (Short)
Bubby Dumble
 1914 The Bartered Crown (Short)
The Landlord
 1913 The House of Discord (Short)
The Husband
 1913 All for Science (Short)
 1913 So Runs the Way (Short)
Undetermined Role (unconfirmed)
 1913 The Stolen Treaty (Short)
The Japanese Diplomat
 1913 The Strong Man's Burden (Short)
John - the Elder Brother
 1913 The Crook and the Girl (Short)
The Nephew
 1913 The Work Habit (Short)
The Father
 1913 The Suffragette Minstrels (Short) (unconfirmed)
 1913 An Indian's Loyalty (Short)
The Cattle Buyer
 1913 I Was Meant for You (Short)
Lavina's Father
 1913 Under the Shadow of the Law (Short)
Charles Darnton - the Employer
 1913 The Vengeance of Galora (Short) (unconfirmed)Also writer
 1913 The Mirror (Short)
Daisy's Father
 1913 Pa Says (Short)
Teddy's Rival
 1913 The Enemy's Baby (Short)
Ben Brown
 1913 In Diplomatic Circles (Short)
The Japanese Ambassador
 1913 Almost a Wild Man (Short)
In Audience (uncredited)
 1913 The Switch Tower (Short)
First Counterfeiter
 1913 Death's Marathon (Short)
The Financial Backer
 1913 The Well (Short)
The Farmer
 1913 Red Hicks Defies the World (Short)
The Referee
 1913 A Timely Interception (Short)
The Farmer's Brother
 1913 The Ranchero's Revenge (Short)
The Ranchero
 1913 Just Gold (Short)
First Brothe/ One who stays home
 1913 The Yaqui Cur (Short)
The Easterner
 1913 The House of Darkness (Short)
The Doctor
 1913/II The Wanderer (Short)
The Male Lover
 1913 The Lady and the Mouse (Short)
The Father
 1913 A Misunderstood Boy (Short)
The Father
 1913 The Little Tease (Short)
In Bar
 1913 The Perfidy of Mary (Short)
Mary's Father
 1913 The Sheriff's Baby (Short)
Third Bandit
 1913 Fate (Short)
Father, Loving Family
 1913 Near to Earth (Short)
 1913 The Unwelcome Guest (Short)
At Auction (uncredited)
 1913 A Girl's Stratagem (Short)
 1913 The Wrong Bottle (Short)
The Father
 1913 Love in an Apartment Hotel (Short)
In Hotel Lobby
 1913 A Chance Deception (Short)
A Policeman
 1913 Oil and Water (Short)
The Idealist's Friend
 1913 The Tender Hearted Boy (Short)Also writer
Undetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited)
 1913 An Adventure in the Autumn Woods (Short)
The Father
 1913 The Telephone Girl and the Lady (Short)
The Desk Sergeant
 1913 Three Friends (Short)
Second Friend
 1912 The God Within (Short)
The Woman of the Camp's Lover
 1912 A Cry for Help (Short)
The Tramp
 1912 The Massacre (Short) Uncertain if in it
 1912 The Burglar's Dilemma (Short)
The Householder/ Older brother
 1912 My Hero (Short)
Secondary Role
 1912 The New York Hat (Short)
Preacher Bolton (minister)
 1912 Brutality (Short)
At Wedding
 1912 The Informer (Short)
Union Soldier
 1912 My Baby (Short)
At Table
 1912 Gold and Glitter (Short)
The Lover
 1912 Heredity (Short)
 1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley (Short)
The Musician's Friend (uncredited)NOT IN IT
 1912 The Painted Lady (Short)
At Ice Cream Festival (uncredited)
 1912 The One She Loved (Short)
The Neighbor
 1912 The Chief's Blanket (Short)
The Young Man
 1912 So Near, Yet So Far (Short)
In Club
 1912 Friends (Short)
Grizzley Fallon - Dandy Jack's Friend
 1912 Home Folks (Short)
 1911 The Miser's Heart (Short)
Jules - the Thief NOT IN THIS FILM
 1911 The Battle (Short)
Wagon Driver (uncredited)

 A great deal of frustration (which I should have known would happen) means I'm going to stop messing with wikipedia and trying to update but have created a spreadsheet I'll edit and add to. All the way through 1916 so far, I have reviews and images as best I can on all his films. I will try to add specific notes, but for now, please feel free to review the pages for 1911-1916. Click on each image below to get a large, readable version.

updated to show Ciudad de Carton

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