The [presumed] films of Lionel Barrymore, edited by me

NOTA BENE: The whole wikipedia thing is ludicrous, and since I keep having edits removed, I'm going to redo all I did and place it here.
AFI list (alphabetical):

Guilty Hands  (1931) * possibly just retakes

The Vengeance of Galora
The Tenderhearted Boy  
The Burglar's Dilemma
The Criminal's Thumb (co-writer, with Wright Huntington)
Cast (141)  

(Does not include earliest films for Griffith, for whom he began performing in 1911's The Battle (screengrabs above)

La ciudad de cartón  (1934)
John, not Lionel is in this: English title is Cardboard City

Estrellados  (1930) 
(Spanish language version of Free and Easy)

The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story  (1951) 
(as Mr. Lionel Barrymore )

Wildfire  (1915)
(credited as Mr. Lionel Barrymore)

 A great deal of frustration (which I should have known woudl happen) means I'm going to stop messing with wikipedia and trying to update but have created a spreadsheet I'll edit and add to. All thr way through 1916 so far, I have reviews and images as best I can on all his films. I will try to add specific notes, but for now, please feel free to review the pages for 1911-1916.

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