BIOGRAPH BULLETINS (1911-1912, LB films*)

*(annnd the Battle of Elderbrush Gulch, though I'm not convinced he's in it. He could be an extra getting shot somewhere.)

I've acquired scans of the Biograph Bulletins which I'm pretty sure have Lionel Barrymore in them. They come from Biograph Bulletins 1908-1912, an epic, very helpful reference. Thank library folk for getting it for me!

I have to link the full size scans here, but I will make a few smaller images so they are uploadable here. Enjoy!

Click here to see the 10 Biograph films from this period LB was in--a couple of this are the only images I've ever found from the films: Lionel Barrymore Biographs, 1911-1912

After December 1912, Biograph used journals to disseminate info, not their own "Bulletin"

Had to chop this down from the immense scan--notes are from GW Bitzer and Katherine Stone from MoMA, 1939-40. It looks better full size! Only image I've found this far from the film, and LB is in the center!

Again, the Gold and Glitter image is the only still I've found from the film--LB is in the back as The Lover (!)

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