Favorite Images & Coloring Bk!

It's pretty obvious I adore Lionel Barrymore--acting and all! Here are some of my favorite pics so far of him that I've found. If you scroll allll the way down, you'll find a Rasputin coloring book, just for you! :)

 Enemies of Women, as Prince Lubimoff...good lord!

America, as Capt. Walter Butler--cleaned up by me

As Neri in The Jest, 1919
The Jest, 1919

First MGM publicity portrait, c. 1926

Portrait, c. 1906 (?)

Lionel and John Barrymore in Arsene Lupin

As Alfred Davidson in Sadie Thompson (1928)

As Vautrin in Paris at Midnight
Screengrab from Mysterious Island (1926/29)
Sketches by Disney artist of LB

(Above, 1920s or early 30's portrait)

Unseeing Eyes (lost film)

The Switchtower

1932, Rasputin and the Empress

Vanity Fair Edward Streichen 1932 portrait

As The Greek in The Show, 1927 (screengrab)
1927, The Show

In the stage version of The Copperhead, 1918, as Milt Shanks

Promo pic for Arsene Lupin. Note omnipresent cig in Mr. B's hand

Andre Dakkar, Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island

As Billy Saunders in Strongheart, HB Walthall on the right as title character.
Lionel and Jack, 1917, around the time of Peter Ibbetson and other stage hits

Body and Soul, Dr Leyden

The Lucky Lady, as Count Ferrenzo (screengrab)
LB as Giuseppe in The Mummy and the Hummingbird, stage
In The Barrier, cleaned up by myself
LB, 1920s (From Peters' book)

Back Jacket Photo from Alpert's The Barrymores (Museum CNY)

...and finally, my calf tattoos...Lionel on my right calf, John on my left. I know...

In America, logos removed by J. Finkielman (gracias!), tidying by me
Metro pennant 1920s

The Greek, in The Show, 1927

As Grizzley Fallon in Friends, 1912

Washington Masquerade, with cat!
And because I can--John B as Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet

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