Thursday, September 29, 2016

1913 is DONE! And Mr. B's widely varying looks

FINALLY! So I have my doubts about one or two films in which Mr. B is supposed to have a role, and I added Pa Says to the list based on external research. But 1913 and its 40+ films is done! I was able to get at least a poorly scanned image of the majority, even of the most obscure.  My favorites? Let's see...

The Wanderer (wish the whole thing was available online!)
Death's Marathon (absolutely brilliant Henry B. Walthall!)
The Switchtower (an amusing and very well-directed story, well-preserved--many LB tics and habits on display here, and a lot of physicality)
The Strong Man's Burden (I want this with English titles! But a great melodrama--some very nice small acting from LB and Harry Carey)

Now, all of these are extant. A great number of the 1913 films are not or are only in archives. I still need to go back for my own purposes and mark the extant ones (I think I noted all of them one way or the other.)

Mr. B appears in a wide range of roles and widely divergent looks:

Telephone Girl & The Lady, earliest 1913 extant LB film. (Jan 6) Dark hair, smoking, a cop again!

The Wanderer (before the Switchtower and Strong Man's Burden--his weight seemed to fluctuate over 1913. Lots of black floppy hair in 1913)

The Work Habit (near the end of 1913)

He apparently ALWAYS mussed his own hair, film and in life!
Above 6 from The Switchtower--Lionel's long fingers, Jack would have envied! Mid 1913

From The Strong Man's Burden, filmed after The Switchtower--LB looks much bigger here (Sept 1913)

Really, he's all over the place. In this year we also see the rise of performer names in film reviews and ads--many things changed after 1913 in American film. Next up will be Mr. B's (blessedly!) dozen plus films of 1914! Enjoy!

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