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This is a smattering of Lionel Barrymore's films available online at archive sources, youtube, etc. Many, many of his silent films are public domain now--bear in mind certain dvd-makers or company sites like Warner VOD have their particular versions available to rent or own, and I would encourage you to so do!

The Bells, 1926 (one of my favorite of his silents)
LB plays Mathias, a businessman who wants to become burgomeister of his Alsatian hamlet. Drama, murder, intrigue, and Boris Karloff ensues. Based on a stage play. AWESOME.

 The Strong Man's Burden w/ English Captions
LB plays a burly police officer in this silent melodrama, co-starring Harry Carey. Intertitles are in Dutch,but I translated them into English and placed captions on the titles. From the EYE Institute.

The Wanderer, D.W.Griffith 1913
A fragment of this film, very cleanly lensed by Bitzer, though preservation was poor and so the right side is ragged here and there. Weird little fable with HB Walthall and LB.
"This media file is from the Open Images project, an initiative from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Kennisland."

Brute Force, DW Griffith 
1914 weird little film about cave people and one dinosaur. LB is basically an extra here, though I think I caught him via his boxing and height in the scene where the "bad tribe" attacks Bobby Harron's "good tribe". The things I do to find LB in a picture.... but this may well have been the first time a dinosaur was seen in a film! Griffith did at least one other film on this subject.

Judith of Bethulia, 1914 
LB admits to being in this film in several scenes as an extra, but doubted anyone would recognize him. This is an important film for Griffith, but it was underwhelming to me. This version of the many out there is over an hour and has no music.

Meddling Women, cleaned up and music added by Robert Fells 
I was able to find this film excerpt off a DVD of public domain silent films. Robert Fells of Silent Films Today cleaned it up some and added in appropriate music. It's a strange melange of melodrama in which LB plays two parts in dual storylines! Find out more about Mr. Fells' work, in particular on George Arliss, online: Biography of George Arliss by Robert Fells

Pretty amazing little March of the Movies from Time-Life; LB and Mary Pickford appear in The New York Hat around 5:20: March of Time series: March of the Movies  

Yes, there are Key Largo bloopers! At 3:51 of this short clip, LB messes up a line twice and Bogart and Bacall laugh: Breakdowns of 1948-49

The only Lionel Barrymore film he made "for" TV: in the first Bell System Science video as the voice of Father Time in Our Mr. Sun, 1956
Lionel Barrymore voiced Father Time, right, Marvin Miller the Sun, in Our Mr. Sun.

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