Tuesday, May 30, 2017

June Silent Films of Merit, Lionel-wise

Because the man made SO MANY films, it's rather hard to construct a "on this day in 19__, *film title* starring or featuring Lionel Barrymore was released".  But it being almost June, and me being a poor bloger lately due to the vagaries of life and work, here's a brief rundown of significant Lionel Barrymore June releases:

A TIMELY INTERCEPTION: June 7, 1913. EXTANT at Harpodeon. LB plays the uncle of Bobby Harron, with Christy Cabanne, who wrote the film. A rather lively drama in which LB wears a beard and looks quite elderly!

 DEATH'S MARATHON: June 14, 1913. Awesome film, ruled by Henry B Walthall. A dark and frightening piece of film, available online.
 Henry B. Walthall in  Death's Marathon

THE SWITCH TOWER June 16, 1913. A real humdinger of a silent, with HB Walthall and Lionel Barrymore, as well as Claire McDowell and most of the Biograph cast. Available online. Great film, fun, fast, exciting!

LB as the Engraver

THE ROMANCE OF ELAINE: first episode released June 14, 1915. Lionel Barrymore plays the villain Marcus del Mar in this second of the Elaine serials. It is supposedly completely lost, but with 12 episodes, hope reigns...

DORIAN'S DIVORCE: June 6, 1916. Apparently extant in France, this is a Metro released done for Rolfe in which LB plays Richard Dorian, to whom much adventure will occur due to love. Ahhh!

There are of course many more, but these will suffice for a quick late May post. I do recommend Death's Marathon and The Switch Tower if you have not seen them. Stop on by the blog and check them out under the filmographies for the given year.