Thursday, October 6, 2016

Donald Duck / Lionel Barrymore & more!: 1939's The Autograph Hound

So I had seen the sketches for what I then did not know was 1939's The Autograph Hound, a Disney cartoon about Donal Duck seeking various stars' autographs--Lionel Barrymore makes a very brief 1.5 second appearance, and that is what the sketches were for!  Here's the best I could pull and I'll link the cartoon as well:

His eyes are probably close to his true-blue own ones, and his hair is typically mussed--he had just started the Kildare series of films. He has one word: "Donald". It's filled with lots of people, and Mickey Rooney in particular has a largish scene with Donald.

The sketches I originally saw are the two above.

All part of the service!

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