Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Joys of Error! 1934 addition to LB film list

Well, while one never likes to be wrong, I can say that I am happy to be proven wrong and that, unlike what I have on my filmography here, Lionel Barrymore was indeed in the Spanish-language Fox film La Ciudad de Carton (Cardboard City), appearing briefly as himself while in character makeup for some other role he was doing in 1933 when Ciudad was shot.

Many thanks to the people at Silent Films Today on FB for pushing me to check again! I have no idea now why I thought John was in the film, not Lionel.

The IMdB link is not greatly complete, but AFI and others note the cast was gathered from extant Fox information in archives: La Ciudad de Carton, IMdB

The NYTimes review, which has the wrong Young:

Hollywood in Spanish.


Published: February 28, 1934
This time Hollywood is poking fun at itself in Castilian and is doing it so well that persons with even a slight knowledge of the Spanish language are likely to enjoy "La Ciudad de Carton" ("Cardboard City"), now at the Teatro Variedades. That excellent Spanish actress, Catalina Bárcena, makes the best of the double rôle of Mrs. Collins, wife of a rancher in hard luck (Señor Moreno) and of Diana Dane, the "great European star" opportunely killed in a train wreck just before reaching the well-known suburb of Los Angeles. Señora Bárcena's good work is well supported by the principals, including José Crespo, as a leading actor in love with the false Diana; Luis Alberni, as a director with all sorts of bright ideas, and Don Segurola, as president of the producing company. Incidentally, Janet Gaynor, Roland Young and Lionel Barrymore welcome the "foreign celebrity" to Hollywood in good Spanish.

After the proper amount of semiserious sentiment, mingled with many amusing scenes, the cardboard city remains true to itself and wins the likely couple away from the ranch—which had been lost anyway.

LA CIUDAD DE CARTON, a dialogue film in Spanish, with Catalina Barcena, Antonio Moreno, Jose Crespo, Luis Alberni and Andreas de Segurola; directed by Louis King; a Fox production. At the Teatro Variedades.

The visual evidence (LB seems to be in makeup for Carolina, filmed in 1933)
That's Robert Young he's next to.

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