Thursday, July 13, 2017

July catch up and some new photos/stills/viewings

Well, it has been a rollercoaster summer! I've had some health issues to tend to, but I've kept my eye on the world of Lionel Barrymore and have even figured my next major project would be an article on the making of Sadie Thompson. I have easy-ish access to the Gloria Swanson archives, so it would be rather enjoyable to do that.

More enjoyable still, I've seen some of Mr. B's films I had not before! The Valley of Decision I watched in a Portuguese-dubbed version, and it's worth me finding it in English though at least the intent of the film was clear (I read and understand Spanish well, but Portuguese isn't Spanish!). I was rather taken aback by the ending, which I won't spoil for you. Interesting film on labor, love, family.

I then caught Drums of Love after much delay! I really enjoyed the film, though honestly no one came out better than Mr. B in the acting stakes. Don Novarro in particular seemed stiff.  There is a great deal of empathy built for Mr. B's hulking Don Cathos of Alvia. Satisfying trip down Blasco Ibanez lane.  Lionel does kiss a lot in this film! He's kinda sweet, that Cathos...:)

The Temptress was a bit overlong but the last quarter was nicely action-packed. I felt for Mr. B's French former soldier Canterac, one of several men (who have wives!) falling for Greta Garbo's wiles. She was quite good in it as well!

I also saw Treasure Island (well, mostly Mr. B's scenes), and there was a nice chunk of Lionel-acting early on, both over the top and menacing in an intriguing, well, menacing way. I'm sure the rest was appropriately piratey.

Public Hero #1 is a long crime film, made less B-film by an intriguing story, a whole lot of destroyed cars, and Lionel Barrymore as the alcoholic, dying doctor who finds a little redemption, then doesn't. He was quite good in a part that went all over the place and only appeared in the 3rd quarter of the film. But boy, did he run with the show then! A very nice part for him, and he owned it.

Here are a couple of new images from my wanderings:

All of the above, from Public Hero #1

From Sadie Thompson

Screengrab from The Temptress

Color edit by me from Sadie Thompson

May your summer be bright but not oppressively hot!

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