Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lionel Birthday Month Love Commences!

It's finally here! The day which Lionel Barrymore for reasons which passeth understanding lied about being his birthday, April 12.  Here is, within 2-3 years of his birth in 1878, what he looked like as a wee Barrymorelet:

Approx age 2 or 3, 1880 or so

Famous photo of all three Barrymorelets
While there is not much evidence other than in We Barrymores that Mr. B ever said his birthday was April 12, it's there so we acknowledge it and start our 2+ weeks of Barrymore Birthdaying today!  I hope to have something scintillating each day for you, or at least interesting!

Indeed, his birthday WAS April 28, 1878. Such a reticent man, he wanted to put that in doubt!
Mr. B's WWI draft card--note the birthdate

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