Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Color me Lionel B

So, I'm very much new to the world of coloring black and white photos, and I've achieved probably the best I can do with clothing in this old chestnut from Xmas 2016:

Mr. B as Walter Butler in AMERICA, 1924. I left his face pale white,apropos of film makeup for this role. I LOVE his jacket!!

But for this Seventh of Lionel, here's a new one from The Temptress, the first film in which he appeared with Garbo:

As Canterac, watching Greta Garbo sit to eat with the roughnecks
I'll put the original here, with the caveat I colored and modified with photoshop filter. It's NOT an easy thing to do this carefully!

I cropped and much modified the background of this screengrab.

I REALLY like this one! The Jest, 1917.

It's not an easy thing to colorize pics, and it's certainly not easy to do it with a screengrab from a film. Stills are easier, grabs no. The density and quality suffers, but it's a start.  In any event, Happy Seventh day of Lionel!

This is the fifth Lionel Birthday Blog Bash post.

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