Sunday, April 16, 2017

Have a Barrymost happy Easter!

(Those who celebrate! Happy Sunday/ Fifth of Lionel to all!)

Apropos of the season, here is Mr. B WITH A BUNNY. And his second wife, Irene Fenwick, whom he absolutely worshipped. As the caption notes, it was 1933 and they are dressed for a kind of costume party ("barnyard"??). Oddly, they seem to be perched on hay/burlap sacks on the floor. Mr. B holds an apple or some such for his wife who holds a bunny, a smile, dimples, and his omnipresent cigarette in place:

You're welcome. From J. Kotsilibas-Davis' 3B bio

This is the 3rd post of Lionel's Birthday Blog Bash, celebrating Mr. B. from April 12 (not his bday and a baldfaced lie) to April 28 (his actual bday). Because I can! Other pics and posts of a daily celebratory kind are found on Silent Films Today, a Facebook group beautifully managed/run by Robert Fells, who also runs the lovely Old Hollywood in Color site and is George Arliss' biographer. Check it all out!


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