Sunday, February 5, 2017

Still alive! Mostly. Calendar gift!

You're welcome. h/t Bob Fells, SFT
So the year commenced at a faster pace than expected, and work has been simply frantic. I've sporadically worked on the blog and at least have the 1915 film names up now.  But it has been killer! The grant on which I work is coming up for renewal and I look to be adding a lot more gray hairs to the ton I acquired last year.

I still don't know if I got the fellowship to research Mr B this summer,  but I'm not really worried.  I'll be headed back up in about ten days,  this time combing John Barrymore material to see if they misfiled Lionel stuff there. I found more than a few Jack items in Lionel folders and boxes., so it makes sense.

Really,  I'm just worried about how tired I've been.  Blogging is quite fun and I miss pouring time into it.  Perhaps after February--Jack's birthday is coming soon! -- things will go more slowly.  I doubt it,  but...

So enjoy the calendar of Lionel Barrymore in Enemies of Women! I was inspired by Bob Fells of SFT and Old Hollywood in Color (link on this blog). It prints up nicely in 11x17. :)

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