Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A few new images and items of interest...esp. on Jack

Abbe portrait from the LHJournal Confessions of an Actor serialization, 1925

Somewhat bizarre double ad for LB and BK...
French incredibly colorful poster for this epic

Research continues on the Duel in the Sun proposed paper on accommodations for Mr. B--recently went up to the HRC to look through JOHN'S material on the off chance there is LIONEL material mixed in--and there is. I even found Maurice and Georgie Drew Barrymore material mixed in!  There's a real thread of tragedy tracing its way through the Barrymore family from Maurice onward, and sometimes I see commentary on it in the old magazines--some are frightfully judgmental and mean. As in, contemporary celebrity-rag mean.  Some things, apparently, never change.

In the process of research, I was pleased to find many John Barrymore stills from early Broadway hits, some of which may well not have been seen since they were taken. Some made it into Theatre magazine, so if I can find the magazine copy of a pic online, I'll post it here.  And of course, lots and LOTS of clippings--I have a box and a half more on Jack to go through, but some of it is very sad to read.  Some articles he "wrote" sound a little like he might have, but at the least, the sentiment about his family, especially Lionel, seems true to other material. He was really in awe of and adored his big brother, who shook it off. But John writing of Lionel's quiet walk around his dressing room after John premiered Hamlet, to leave with a "Good boy, Gus" and tug on John's hair as compliment that was like gold to little brother, is priceless and very sweet. What a complex family!

Which makes this all the more enjoyable!

So, it's fun, but certainly time consuming, and this time around, I acquired a research injury. No, really, I did.

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