Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Updates for the week! Film review/ Article added

Having felt the deep joy of finishing the 1913-14 filmography, I took a little time and added only a few things, but here are some site updates:

LB as Holderlin and Phillips Holmes as Paul Renard in Broken Lullaby

BROKEN LULLABY is the new film review, so please check it out. It's an outstanding film , and a perfect example of Mr. B's vocal and physical skills to show a developing character. I wish Phillips Holmes were more consistent, but well...

A new article written by Barbara LaMarr on her four "lovers" in the 1923 Eternal City is on the article page, and it's unintentionally funny and revealing. PLEASE read the bit on Lionel Barrymore as a film "lover"! :)

 A few new audio bits have been added as well as a few photos. Please enjoy!

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