Friday, September 9, 2016

The brain dead/marriage post

Today I've spent many hours already waiting for the partner-bear's cochlear implant to be complete. It is nerve-wracking, a little boring, and lots exciting. He has had progressive hearing loss for our entire 11 year marriage...kind of a two-disability family! I'm reading my blog, fb, etc etc and pondering age differences. LB was about 24, 25 or older when he married his first wife, Doris Rankin, who was 16. He recalls in his bio thinking bleakly she had no idea what she was getting into marrying him. They must have been profoundly affected by the loss of their children, too. That at least we won't experience in terms of human kids.

I think I knew what I was getting into marrying someone 15 years older than I. The MARRYING/staying married part has been harder!

But we've managed!

Lionel and Doris, 1920, in The Copperhead film

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