Friday, March 10, 2017

The "It's been a long time!" post

I admit that work has gotten in the way of my Barrymore-avocation. For some reason, things have been coming fast and hard at me and it's been a stretch to get things done and coped with and, and, and.

But I have found some time to dig up some new pics at least, if not to update the filmography just yet. I WILL get back to that, promise... in the meanwhile, here's some new Barrymore finds. I also added new photos from The Jest to the Stage performances page!
LB looks quite big, tall, and strong in this pic from The Jest. Legs up to his--well...

The Voice of Bugle Ann
This silent got a LOT of press!

Need to tidy this pic, but love the lobby card!
LB signed this sketch of himself (as what seems to be Kringelein)

Fantastic portrait circa 1930
I own this ad--it lives on my office wall!

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