Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1915 Filmography done!

So finally, after a lot of hedging, the 1915 filmography is complete, with images for everything so far except The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde. I was able to tease out more information on Mr. B's role in the Pearl White The Romance of Elaine series (and confirm he was not in The Exploits of Elaine) and found some good reviews of some of the chapters and a few more pictures. I may acquire enough info that Romance gets its own page! In December 1915, Lionel Barrymore signed a contract with Metro after kicking about in 1914 and 15 post-Griffith Biograph. He will feature in many of their films, but took a long break from film to work on the stage between 1917 and 1919, both with brother John and alone, notably in The Copperhead.

Here are a few images from the fins, but please check out the 1915-1917 filmography page for details!

Form Chapter 1 of Romance of Elaine

Just a cute note--a bio tells this story as well, slightly differently.

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