Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wishing you Barrymuch, Barrymore, no the Barrymost of joy this New Year

I've little profound to say,  and 2016 has been a remarkably mixed bag for me. On the one hand, massive illness problems, and on the other hand I started this blog and dove recklessly into the wonderful world of Mr. Lionel Barrymore. The research,  the finds,  the joy of knowing more about this subject in so many ways (ok, probably more about Mr. B than another living person!) has made me smile a whole lot, and occasionally curse. I've met wonderful folk,  seen amazing films, made a couple of awesome discoveries (and one to come yet!),  found a topic to research and archive to do that in,  and generally reveled in LB World.

But the year is finally over,  and so much has profoundly changed for me.  I am quite literally not the same as in January: I have a new medical "normal" I'm not at all keen on, and it's been a great  struggle. I've used Mr B films and whatnot as a distraction,  sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but usually if I watch The Copperhead or Grand Hotel or Strongheart, I get a lovely reprieve from my days and am once more grateful to him for all he left behind. It's rather cheesy, but I find there's a bit more than I expected in his life to parallel my own, and oddly it came about through one 2-second scene in Key Largo: why do we see Nora and Frank helping Mr. Temple down the stairs? What's up with that? Is that what I might need, that kind of help,  in the near future in my own wheelchairedness? And no, I don't find myself having conversations with him--yet. :)

And so here we are. I leave y'all with one of my favorite quotes from Mr B (ok, besides "In adversity I dree my weird with full diapason..."!).  Peace, love, happiness, and sincere kind joy this New Year--be the kindness and compassion and sincerity you wish to see in this world.

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