Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa Butler, put some presents under the tree for me...

I win the Interwebs (Barrymore Region) 
with this.  

I'm having way too much fun putting Santa hats on Barrymores... above is my favorite,  but here are some more! 

Jack as Francois Villon, 
The Beloved Rogue

Santa Grigori
(He knows who you are--er, when
you are sleeping...)
Coloring screengrabs is NOT easy!
ABOVE: So, you're telling me Rudolf got into the eggnog and attacked Blitzen while yelling "All of the other reindeer USED to laugh and call him names"? Which elfing idiot left the 'nog out? (Lionel Barrymore, St.-Nicked and colored by me, as Andre Dakkar in The Mysterious Island, released 1929, a part-talkie based on Jules Verne)

The boys in Arsene Lupin guise
John B between scenes, Hamlet (either 1920 BWay or 1922 London) Color n Hat by  Me!

Who knew the myriad joys of photoshop??
Happy season,  all!

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