Friday, July 29, 2016

Updates, etc

I've enjoyed the research for this blog, but it must needs wind down some--I'll be off next week to a conference in Puerto Rico (yes, I'm really going to a conference--with my boss!), leaving my poor Bear home with the cats and dogs.  I've added quite a few things, including a page on LB's stage performances (starting with The Jest and Macbeth), some radio moments (including John and Lionel speaking about their sister and John's Streamlined Shakespeare Macbeth and many more LB moments), and of course images, images, images!

I'm hoping to find more of LB's films to watch, with an eye to reviewing them for the blog. I'm learning so much and there's so much more to learn. Hopefully this will be enjoyable for fans of Mr. B--it's fun for me, though it's had its bittersweet moments.

I'll be sporadically online next week, but carry with me a USB drive of Mr. B's films that I may keep amused in between meetings!  Really! Have a great day/weekend!

Here are some of my favorite recent finds: 

Biograph Bulletin of this 1912 film, LB at center

With second wife Irene Fenwick, 1933
My favorite picture of the Brothers Barrymore

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