Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On fellowships of the silent/classic film ring

I'm hardly into this blog for a week,  and I was initially a little hesitant to share it. However, one person on a FB page asked for the link,  then another,  so I gave in and shared the blog with that page of kind and generous folk.

This particular page on FB, Silent Films Today, has been a great boon to me in a season of physical owies and setbacks, as well as work overload. The knowledge of people there is incredible,  as is their generosity answering questions and giving help and hints to those hunting their favorite stars of the silent age. I've Barrymore-bombed the page from day one (sometimes shamelessly,  other times sheepishly), joining a little before LB's birthday of April 28.

There seems to be a sizable community of silents fans online,  several with outstanding pages of great depth and information.  Some other pages are less helpful in terms of organization,  but I was surprised by how popular these films are!  I seem to be a little young on many pages as a fan, but I've been sharing images and links to the films and hope "this younger generation" recognizes their value.

I mention relative "youngness" because something I want to avoid is any sense of superiority or condescension on this page.  I've felt that a few times on some sites from posters there.  Some recognize I've some skills derived from education,  but I'm not a title-dropper. No need to unless someone mistakes me for a fool or idiot, and even then I prefer my facial expressions and/or words to work for me.  A little of that is from my career in ed as prof and administrator. But of course,  on the Web,  no one can see you scowl unless you live stream. :)

However,  I've a huge practical streak of competence as well, so it's a balanced approach to research/posting! I appreciate what I've observed and learned from silent film pages and am very happy I discovered this "fellowship"!  I hope some stroll with me on this trip--elevenses (with martinis), anyone??

Jean Harlow & Lionel Barrymore in The Girl from Missouri

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