Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Major additions: pics, filmography, audio!

I have updated again and provided more info on the 1914 filmography (especially interesting is the Klaw and Erlanger era of Biograph), added a lot more to favorite pics, and posted a few times here. I also found some amazing audio work by Mr B! Much recommended you check them out on the "Audio Bits" page.

I'm working on finishing up the semester and the job is CRAZY busy, but my next goal is to finish the 1914 filmography and then tweak the film list here, as well as do more film reviews. I'm pulled to review Strongheart, Guilty Hands, and/or a Kildare because you know what? Some of them are really good! :)

I'm still taking requests or suggestions for film reviews, though!

And now a few new finds:

Between shots on Body and Soul

Body and Soul, as Dr Leyden. LB's hair is its own character in films! I love it!

I think I'd kill to be able to see Lionel and Jack on stage The Jest!
Had to replace my other San Lio pendant...this is solid SSteel!

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